Why is It Necessary To Frequently Update A Workout Program?

Are you also thinking of update your workout program? then you come to the ultimate end.

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Your muscles become too efficient at a particular body movement. Changing routines hit the same muscles from different angles which activates growth

A workout program must gradually be made more challenging, so the body can continue to improve as it adjusts. 

A workout program is required to be updated every 4-6 weeks in order to address different muscle groups, such as flexibility, cardio endurance, and resistance training.

If you continually repeat the same workout, your muscles will build muscle memory. Meaning they will become so adapted to the workout that it would be almost useless to continue. 

By switching up and updating your workout you challenge your muscles more, thus creating a more efficient, muscle-building, and calorie-burning workout.

If you do not update your workout program, your muscles become acclimated to the workout and no longer develop, strengthen, or grow.

How frequently should a workout program be updated:

For general fitness, every four to six weeks is ideal to allow the body to continued fitness improvement.

However, if you have a longer-term plan, like with a macrocycle, every 12 to 16 weeks is best. 

Kokkinis also mentions the benefits of weekly small changes that help us see a measurable improvements.


Maintaining the same workout program for a while, the excitement eventually wears off, making the possibility of quitting much higher. 

So, it makes sense that if you perform the same workout routine week after week, you may find yourself growing bored.

While mixing up your routine may help with physical challenges, such as hitting a plateau, Nguyen explains, “The benefits of regularly changing your workout routine extend to the psychological factors of fitness.

Mixing up training will allow some people to keep the fun in training.”

Isn’t it interesting, Kokkinis agrees, adding, “Variations in training can help avoid staleness and boredom.” Basically, to help keep yourself motivated and avoid growing bored, stop repeating the same exercises, and change your workout routine.

Not only will it help you physically, but you will also remain mentally stimulated.

Is it bad to do a different workout everyday?

It isn’t bad to work out every day. Doing some form of physical activity each day is smart when you’re trying to slim down. But if you want to lose weight, repeating the same workout program, intensity, or duration day after day won’t work.

How Often You Workout

You can increase or decrease your sessions of your workout.

How Hard You Workout

You can usually judge this based on your heart rate. If you like long-distance running at a steady pace, try doing some short and intense sprints, for a change.

The Length of Your Workout Session

This typically correlates with the intensity. If you workout at a higher intensity, your sessions can be shorter, but lower intensity means you can have a longer workout.

What Kind of Workout You Do

It could be well worth it to incorporate some different types of workouts into your exercise routine to give you a well-rounded fitness approach.

You will be surprised to see the benefits that seemingly opposite and unrelated activities can have.

For example, runners who include strength training find that it helps with their running, as the weight exercises assist in strengthening key muscles used in running.

Your fitness goals also play a part in what type of cross-training you should do. “Development of any aspect of fitness, like developing any other skill, is specific to its training.

If you want to get better at running, you need to practice running. If you want to get better at squatting, you need to practice squatting,” says Kokkinis.

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