Mini Exercise Fitness Bike Tools Leg Beauty Trainer Pedal Machine

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This product is based on the characteristics of patients with hemiplegia, upper limbs, and lower extremity dysfunction. The lower limbs can be exercised at the same time to strengthen the coordination ability of the upper and lower limbs. Comfortable and comfortable, it is also suitable for long-term desk workers, middle and old people daily activities upper and lower limbs. So that you no longer have to endure the pain of holding the foot, and reach the joints of the limbs, hands, and feet. Let rehabilitation exercise be a pleasure. Make patients recover better.


  • Item: Rehabilitation Leg Equipment
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: 2PCS AA Battery ( Not Included The Battery )
  • Suitable For: fitness bike, leg beauty training, old man rehabilitation leg equipment, etc.


  • Mini size for space-saving – could be used at home or in the office conveniently
  • Suitable for legs or arms exercise
  • Adjustable resistance
  • LCD display for monitoring your workouts – shows count, total count.
  • Sturdy steel frame with anti-skid feet for safety
  • Ideal for low impact exercise & rehabilitation


  • Strong Support high strength steel structure provides high bearing capacity; intimate anti-slip pedal design with exquisite anti-off rings, anti-skid, and anti-off give you a safer experience.
  • Convenient Design: simple assembly, storage won’t take up much space. Daily exercise can improve joint flexibility, accelerate limb function recovery, increase muscle strength, reduce paralysis, and improve blood circulation.
  • Free Resistance Adjustment: Equipped the resistance regulator, turn clockwise to increase resistance, and counterclockwise to decrease resistance.
  • Can be adjusted according to your own needs, giving you a better fitness rehabilitation experience.
  • Multi-level Height Adjustment: three-step height adjustment, you can adjust the height of the hand rocker according to the height of the user.
  • It is user-friendly and suitable for people of different ages.
  • Multi-Application: Suitable for sports enthusiasts who like indoor fitness and some patients with cerebral palsy, hemiplegia, amputation, spinal cord injury, upper and lower limb dysfunction, convenient for limb exercise training to achieve fitness rehabilitation effect.



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