Rope Pull Up Band Horizontal Auxiliary Resistance Band Elastic Belt Horizontal Bar Arm Band Sport Fitness


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This pull-up resistance band enhances muscle balance, vertical and horizontal jumping ability, helping you perform better in any sport. Increase the dynamic power of the body by increasing resistance to training and training. It also improves posture and prevents injuries.


  • Easy to attach on the bar or other secure structure.
  • Compact size, lightweight, easy to carry, space-saving.
  • Equipped with elastic ropes to satisfy your various sports postures such as training arm strength, kneeling posture, leg strength, standing posture.
  • Convenient for you to burn fat and build strong lean muscle at home, increase endurance and improve flexibility, so that you stay strong and young.


  •  Let’s use your bodyweight with the natural force of gravity. You get an exceptional workout for a much stronger core.
  • This very simply uses your bodyweight to give you all the benefits of an expensive gym in the comfort of your home. Increases endurance and improves flexibility to keep you strong and young.
  • ANCHORS TO DOOR, TREE, RAFTER BEAM, or other security structures. This professional-grade Bodyweight Resistance Trainer set includes reinforced door anchors that hold fast and won’t slip. The reinforced foot cradles can handle all the punishment you give them.
  •  You can take these lightweight straps with you to work, the gym, the park, and more.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE ensures this will quickly become your favorite no-risk purchase.
  • This makes a great birthday gift, holiday present, and anniversary gift.
  • Also wonderful for friends, family, and co-workers – anyone who likes a great complete body workout.


Material: EVA, PU, Latex stretch rope, Sponge, and polyester strap

Rope Number:6 Ropes, 10 Ropes(Optional)


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