3m Rope Jumping Adjustable Steel Wire Jump Skipping Sports Gym Slimming Jump Rope

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Getting in shape and staying healthy has never been harder. People’s lives are busier, and there is more information out there than ever about what is and what isn’t good for us. Why make things more complicated than they have to be and pay for expensive equipment that’s difficult to understand, and might not even work at all when you can take advantage of a simple, time-tested approach to getting in shape that has been proven to improve agility, balance, and cardiovascular health. A fully-adjustable jump rope made with the highest-quality materials and designed for ease of use: Comfort foam handles reduce hand strain and make jumping rope easy. Tangle-resistant rope saves you time and frustration so you can focus on what matters: your health.


MaterialFoam, PVC
ColorBlack / Red / Blue / Green


High-quality material: Metal bearing, PVC Cord.Thick Foam Padding Handle.

Aerobic Activity: Increase endurance, promote weight loss
Strength Training: Increase muscle, add definition
Core Boost: Strength core muscle groups, boost performance
Fit Flexibility: Enhance flexibility, improve balance
An effective, easy and fun way to optimize cardiovascular conditioning while maximizing coordination, agility, timing, and endurance.


  • Regardless of your skill level, you’ll be able to skip rope smoother and faster with our tangle-resistant rope and ball-bearing handles.
  • Our lightweight design and comfort foam handles reduce strain on your hands, allowing you to burn calories and get in a great workout skipping or jumping without unnecessary discomfort.
  • Our jump ropes are appropriate for men and women, for adults and kids, and for almost any workout, including boxing, and low-impact exercise programs. they’re easy to adjust!
  • Skipping Rope Tangle-Free with Ball Bearings Rapid Speed Jump Rope Cable and Memory Foam Handles Ideal for Aerobic Exercise Like Speed Training, Endurance Training, and Fitness Gym.
  • Lightweight lighting makes it easy to carry, allowing you to achieve maximum fat burning, muscle adjustment, and optimal fitness anywhere. It also includes tips for easily following the size instructions and how to make the most of the ropes.

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