Top 10 Leading Smart Scale in 2021

What is a Smart Scale?

The bathroom is probably the first room you think of when it comes to health, and the last room you think of when it comes to technology. But as health and fitness become increasingly connected, it makes sense that more and more smart home devices are popping up in the bathroom, starting with the humble scale. Yes, some smart weight scales can tweet your weight (with your permission, of course), but that isn’t really what makes them smart. The main reason to pick up a smart scale is that it can give you a clear picture of your health and fitness without making you do a lot of work.

What are the best smart scales?

After testing several of the best smart scales ranging in price from $20 to $180, our top pick is the Withings Body Plus. At $79, The Withings Body Plus is not the least nor the most expensive smart scale, and it measures far more than just your weight. The Wi-Fi-based device syncs with the company’s proprietary app, which is an intuitive tool for seeing a complete picture of your body composition. Better yet, Withings Body Plus pairs with all of the top fitness apps, including Weight Watchers and MyFitnessPal.

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Withings also makes a $59 version of its smart scale called the Withings Body. It doesn’t track as many metrics as the Body Plus and can’t read your heart rate, but most people will find it suits their needs. It also benefits from Withings’s Health Mate app, meaning you can see your body’s changes over time. The Withings Body is a great choice if you’re looking for a low-cost smart scale that syncs with your MyFitnessPal goals.

Of all the best smart scales, though, the Wyze Scale is what we’d recommend for people on a budget or who are trying out a smart scale for the first time. We’re pretty impressed by what this $20 gadget offers.

As one of the best home gym equipment devices that won’t break the bank, the Wyze Scale supports up to 8 unique users, offers 12 different health metrics, and even displays some of those metrics directly on the scale’s display. The Wyze Scale’s main caveat is that it’s Bluetooth enabled, meaning your data will only update when your smartphone is within range.

Track Stats Automatically

Unsurprisingly, the best smart bathroom scales are compatible with the best fitness trackers. When you pair a Wi-Fi- or Bluetooth-connected scale with a fitness tracker, you typically use just one app to see data from both devices. Add in a heart rate monitor or at-home blood pressure cuff and you have even more information being collected and correlated, no spreadsheet and daily note-taking required.

Maybe you don’t want to track your weight over time, but chances are, your doctors and healthcare team do. Or maybe it’s not you, but someone in your family who needs to keep an eye on their weight. Smart scales are smart enough to know the difference between a few different users and can track their weights separately and privately. Sharing data among family members and doctors is usually an option, too.

When you start using a smart bathroom scale, your weight is automatically logged every time you step on. Many of the best scales also measure body fat, and some track bone density and water percentage. Some can even read your heart rate through your feet.

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The Best Smart Scale Deals This Week

Smart Scale

Smart Scales for Training

While many people want to track their weight and the number of steps they take in a day to get a better sense of their health, some people are a little more, shall we say, excited, to get on the scale every morning. Athletes and people who train regularly will want a scale that has not only great features but a companion app and tools that can help them on their journey.

We note in our reviews which fitness and health tracking apps each of these scales work with, and which support apps that do things like calculate your training intensity day by day, charting your VO2Max, lactic acid threshold, and more. But if all this talk of VO2Max makes your head spin, you’re much better off with a smart Wi-Fi scale that has a simpler user experience.

Smart Weight Scale

Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi Scales

Smart scales are either Bluetooth-enabled or both Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled. Wi-Fi scales generally cost more because they require more components to work. They’re also much more convenient.

To get your daily weigh-ins off of a Bluetooth scale and into the app where they’ll be tracked, you need a Bluetooth device by your side. If you leave your companion smartphone, fitness tracker, or running watch in the other room, you’re out of luck until it’s within Bluetooth range. (Some scales can save a recorded weight until the next sync, but the cheaper ones do not.) A Wi-Fi-enabled scale doesn’t have this problem. It syncs your data as long as it has a signal from your Wi-Fi router. In our testing experience, Wi-Fi syncing is also more reliable, whereas Bluetooth syncing fails from time to time.

Pregnancy mode and post-pregnancy weight-tracking is much easier.

smart scale also calculates the weight for pregnant women

Women who are pregnant or who might become pregnant have unique needs when it comes to tracking their weight. Plus many pregnant women do not want impedance measurements, which are taken by way of mild electrical impulses sent through the feet to estimate body composition (things like body fat, bone density, and water percentage). People who have an implanted health device, such as a pacemaker, are often warned not to use impedance scales either.

A lot of people don’t like facing the numbers of their weight but imagine how much worse it could be if your body’s hormones are fluctuating during or after a pregnancy. One of my favorite smart scales has a pregnancy mode that hides your weight from appearing on the scale while still recording it in the app. This mode also disables the body composition features, which pregnant women (as well as people with implanted devices, such as pacemakers) are often told not to use.

man standing on body fat smart weight bathroom scale

Fitness Underfoot

If you’re looking for a new bathroom weight scale, we highly recommend buying one that’s smart. There’s real value for individuals, families, and health care providers to be able to track thier body weight accurately and effortlessly over long periods of time. No matter your needs, you’re sure to find a scale that suits them on this list.

For more information, see 5 Ways Smart Scales Can Help You Stay Healthy. And make sure to check back soon, as we regularly review new models.

What Do Smart Scales Do?

The primary job of an electronic bathroom scale is to record your weight and other metrics in an app that lets sends them wirelessly to an app or online service that automatically records the data. Those other metrics generally include body fat, body water, and often body mass index (BMI)

Multiple people can use the same scale, making them perfect for a health-conscious family. Most scales differentiate each person based on their prior readings. If one family member weighs around 160 pounds and the other weighs 140, the scale quickly figures out who is who. If two people have close readings, the scale or app usually asks the person being weighed at the moment to confirm his or her identity. It’s usually as simple as lifting one foot slightly off the scale to say yes or no, that is or isn’t me.

A smart weight scale helps a family organize their health initiatives because it makes the tracking effortless. No one ever has to write down the details of the weigh-in because the tracking happens automatically. The most you have to do is make sure the scale’s batteries are still going strong.

Recording all the weigh-ins automatically is a huge benefit to everyone in the household for reviewing weight history. But it can also be extremely helpful to a family physician or other health care provider who might want to see your family’s weight trends, too. If someone in your family suddenly gets ill and the doctor asks if there have been any drastic changes in weight, you’ll be able to tell.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Smart Scale? Beyond tracking weight, there are other benefits to using a smart scale:

You don’t have to look into SmartSlix App!

Like I said before, stepping on the scale sometimes sucks. When you use a bathroom smart scale, you don’t have to look if you don’t want to. The weight will still be recorded in your app, and you or your doctor can look later. Long-term trends are at least as important as the daily numbers.

Smart scales can increase motivation.

If you and your family like technology, incorporating a smart weight scale might actually make it fun to start tracking weight, or at least motivate them to start. Having a new toy in the house could give everyone the boost they need to start stepping on the scale every day.

Kids can learn good habits.

If everyone steps on the scale every day, and there’s a record to prove it, kids will pick up on what it means to create a habit out of their weight-management practices, and creating good habits is key.

They typically pair with fitness trackers.

If you already use a fitness tracker, buying the companion smart scale will give you much more insight into how your activities, sleep, and food intake affect your weight. Currently, there are scales that work with trackers made by SmartSlix, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Withings, Nuyu, and Pivotal Living.

Get Smart & Organized

Adding a smart scale to your own or your family’s weight-management plan could help give everyone the boost they need to get those daily weigh-ins done. Developing positive daily habits is hard, but it’s a little easier when you have a new device to play with while doing it.

Do smart scales really work?

The body fat scales you can buy online are safe and convenient, but they aren’t accurate,” says Dr. Woolcott, who adds that studies on these devices aren’t reliable because they’re tested on a small number of peoples. The scales underestimate or overestimate body fat percentage by quite a lot.

What’s a smart scale?

A right smart scale is a handy tool for any bathroom. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle or just maintain your current body composition, a smart scale will make it easy to track any changes over time and tweak your diet and exercise if necessary. It’s even better when paired with a fitness tracker.

Is the Fittrack scale accurate?

The body fat scale is an excellent choice for people looking to measure their progress meaningfully. It syncs with Google Fit, Apple Health, and FitBit. The scale is easy to use and is accurate within 0.5-0.8% of BOD POD results.

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