About Us

Smart Slix was founded to reshape the healthcare industry with easier, smarter, and more efficient solutions that can be accessed by everyone: health-conscious users, personal trainers, pregnant women, and many more. We noticed a lack of affordable smart solutions when it came to measuring body composition and weight.

We want to help you own your well-being. Smart Slix is dedicated to making health and wellness information accessible, understandable, and actionable so that readers can make the best possible decisions about their health. Our content is created, fact-checked, and reviewed by qualified writers, editors, clinicians, and other contributors.

Smart Slix’s team ensures that Smart Slix’s content, products, and services uphold the highest standards of medical integrity. Our dedicated team manages an extensive medical network of over 100 professionals covering more than 50 specialties, providing a medical review, expert POVs, fact-checking, and clinical guidance. Smart Slix’s physicians, nurses, public health experts, and patient advocates help ensure that the information we publish is accurate, evidence-based, current, person-centric, and trustworthy.

Smart Slix has more than 15 social communities where people from across the globe come together to find information, share experiences, and offer support.